Get Best offers of Pen Camera, Clock Camera, Watch Camera and more. With Todays Technology hidden cameras have become smaller and can now be installed in daily objects. The camera is usually hidden or disguised to stop any unwanted attention to the user. Hidden cameras have become popular for household surveillance, and can be built into common household objects such as smoke detectors, clock radios, motion detectors, pen and more. Hidden cameras may also be used commercially or industrially as security cameras. 

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 Digital Table Mirror Clock Camera
The spy camera clock with motion detection enabled is an innovative and discreet hidden camera which..
Gum Tank Camera
Here is a gadget that you can place anywhere out in the open, and no one would ever guess or susp..
MD80 Camera Mini DV Action Cam
This Mini DV is a high-definition video recorder This Mini DV is a high-definition video recorder..
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Multifunction IR Clock Camera 720p
Overview : The IR 720P clock camera comes with sound and motion detection, providing sur..
Spy Sunglasses Camera
Keep the sun out of your eyes and your eyes on what matters with this pair of sunglasses with integr..
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1080p Slim Glasses Eyewear Camera
The eyewear sunglasses is a quality recording device that can easily offer low profile recording..
BMW Keychain Camera
Easy to operate Spy camera with a replica of the BMW Key Remote Button Highlights: Video Re..
Endoscope Snake Video Inspection Camera 2.4inch LCD
Portable video borescope is a cleverly design security camera device which is specially made to be u..
Spy G-shock Full HD 1080p Night Vision Waterproof Watch
This watch is the our first high-definition and infrared night vision camera watch. You can us..
Spy Keychain Remote 808 DVR Camera
Overview: Fits in your Pocket, with your keys. Never leave out the camera. Its always by you..
Spy Pen Camera 4GB
This is a camera Pen that can be used as a USB thumbdrive, a camcorder,  a pc camera, camera or..
Spy Pen HD 1080p 5MP HDMI Pen Camera
James Bond 1080p Spy Pen This is an elegant spy pen camera that makes you feel like James Bon..
Spy Watch Camera Waterproof 8gb
This Spy Watch Comes with 4gb and 8gb built in memory. It comes with different knobs waterproof..
Wireless Hidden Camera with Audio Video Receiver 1.2Ghz
The Wireless Spy Cam is the ultimate in undetected do-it-yourself observation. A revolution in m..
Spy Soda Can Camera 4gb
The spy camera is an inventive and discreet covert pinhole security camera which is inbuilt into ..